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History of Beer Cheese
Kentucky Proud, Hand made, Hand packed in Lexington, KY
Now Kentucky Crafted since 2011
Kentucky's Number 1 Award Winning Beer Cheese:  Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese
The Award Winning Beer Cheese since its' debut in 2009!
Written up in the Wall Street Journal, Cooking Light, The Lexington Herald Leader, Travel Host and more!
2015 - Winner of "Best in Show" - Jungle Jim's Cheese Fest, Fairfield, OH
2015 - Second "Best American Original"
Jungle Jim's Cheese Fest, Fairfield, OH
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Beer Cheese is an indigenous product to a small area in Central Kentucky.  The one that has been enjoyed all around the Bluegrass since the 1930's was made in the Kentucky River Valley where it gained popularity by the restaurants that made it famous at Lower Howard's Creek, Clark County, Boonesboro, Kentucky. 

Variations of the original "Snappy Cheese" is commonly found in Central Kentucky Grocery and C-Stores made by individuals who settled for a recipe they came up with trying to get that old authentic taste.  The results are beer cheese dips which are a spin off of the Pure Kentucky Beer Cheese first made over 70 years ago. 

The original beer cheese recipes' heritage was preserved, protected and passed down through our family who has kept it alive for decades.  “The Original Kentucky River Valley Delight(TM)” is now under the name Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese. Since its come back in 2006, it has remained a winner of awards throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, North and South Carolina and more. 

For those people that didn't have that privilege, and tried to make what they thought was beer cheese, trying to remember what real beer cheese tasted like, it turned out; they made it into a beer ''flavored'' cheese dip, ''NOT'' a Cheese that had Beer as an ingredient along with other spices and garlic, which in Kentucky is called "Beer Cheese," It's a Cheese with a cayenne finish, not a dip. 

HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL: When you sat down at the bar or table atThe Diftwood Inn or later at Allman's on the River you were greeted with a small plate that had a container of this"Snappy Cheese" with carrots, radishes, celery and crackers.  The bartender would take your drink order.  By the time the drinks came the creamy spicy cheese had been consumed and you were ready to order another drink.  It was made to create thirst because of the cayenne finish.  In turn you ordered more drinks which boosted their drink sales.  

Today, restaurants don't offer it this way anymore. They usually sell it as an appetizer.  Most don't give it away as a compliment for coming to their restaurant.  

Beer Flavored Cheese, (the cheese dip) VS the Original Authentic Beer Cheese (the cheese).

Commercially produced Beer Flavored Cheese Products usually consists of a processed cheese food base (i.e 
Velveeta) with a sharp cheddar flavor, mixed with other cheeses, like American and Cream Cheese.  A pound of the cheese mixture to a can of beer and include a variety of spices from garlic, cayenne, Worcestershire, mustard powder, anchovies and more. 

Commercially produced Authentic Beer Cheese consists of sharp cheddar cheese, beer, spices and garlic.  It does not have a strong beer or garlic influence.  It peaks out in heat and flavor after 7 to 10 days.  The original "Snappy Cheese" and Authentic Beer Cheese has only ONE heat.  It's not too mild, it's not too hot, it's just right.  It's a Sharp cheddar cheese with a cayenne finish.  When we make beer cheese it is mixed in small 20 lb batches, hand packed, refrigerated and traditionally served with club crackers, radishes, celery, carrots or seasonal fresh vegetables.  (Check out our recipe page for ways to cook with the Authentic Beer Cheese). This is what you will find with Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese. ANYTHING MORE OR LESS, IS NOT AUTHENTIC.

We offer our product in many areas from Boone Tavern in Berea, KY to Hilton Head Island, SC at Captain Woody'sHuntington Beach, California.  Shipping all over the USA & Canada 52 weeks of the year.


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All cheese shipped has an approximate 6 - 8 month shelf life kept refrigerated. "GET MORE at a DISCOUNT" for the same shipping rate you choose at checkout. Y'all know you want it!

You remember buying Hall's on the River ...you will LOVE this...
"The Original Kentucky River Delight"(TM)
preserved by Howard's Creek and endorsed by Tim Allman, Joe Allman's son
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