Derby-Pie®, Spiral Sliced Country Ham & Howard’s Creek


This is truly great for any occasion! Comes with Browning’s Country Ham, Kern’s Derby-Pie® and your favorite two 14 oz packages of beer cheese!

Kern's Derby-Pie®
1 × 1 lb 4 oz Kern's Derby-Pie®
howards creek beer cheese new label
2 × 14 oz Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese
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    Half of a Browning’s Country Ham spiral country ham sliced with a honey glaze… just think about that… the salty and the sweet… it’s simply the best. Add a Kern’s Derby-Pie® and two 14 oz. Howard’s Creek Authentic Beer Cheeses for a great gift or serve to your family.

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    Weight12.0 lbs
    Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 in