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Kentucky's Number 1 Award Winning Beer Cheese
since its debut in 2009! 
Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese

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Search by Keyword

Traditional Beer Cheese Packages

We've always made just one flavor...the authentic beer cheese from the 1930's.
Buying beer cheese online has never been easier!
Enjoy, fresh REAL beer cheese shipped to your door on time, every time!
Howard's Creek is the Kentucky Beer Cheese that you can feel good about. Made with 
real dairy ingredients, an artisan cheese made in small batches, lab tested Gluten Free which
makes it anUN-guilty snack food. It's perfect for your Keto diet, make our beer cheese soup
or just an appetizer. Oh heck, we eat it with just a spoon!

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15 lb. Pail15 lb. Pail
2/14 oz.2/14 oz.
2/8 oz.2/8 oz.
2/8's & 2/14's2/8's & 2/14's
4/14 oz.4/14 oz.
4/8 oz.4/8 oz.
6 Packer with 2-14 oz.6 Packer with 2-14 oz.
6 Packer with 2-8 oz.6 Packer with 2-8 oz.
6/14 oz.6/14 oz.
6/8 oz.6/8 oz.
Blue Crock & 1-14 oz.Blue Crock & 1-14 oz.
Blue Crock & 2-8 oz.Blue Crock & 2-8 oz.
Call (859) 338-0623Call (859) 338-0623
Neutral Crock & 1-14 oz.Neutral Crock & 1-14 oz.
Neutral Crock & 2-8 oz.Neutral Crock & 2-8 oz.

All Cheese has a 4 to 6 month best buy date, is shipped frozen
and can be refrozen before it's opened.

Real dairy ingredients make up our artisan beer cheese for that creamy beer cheese flavor
you want to pair with your favorite foods.  Order NOW for your summer gatherings home or away! 

We deliver where you travel!
Or you can order some of our specialty products at your checkout at a
discounted rate along with Howard's Creek.

Sweet and Savory Packages

Country Ham, Bourbon Balls & more below

Call us crazy, but we have tried it and sampled it and we eat it! Chocolate with beer cheese!
Only the authentic beer cheese which is the original Kentucky beer cheese from the 1930's
can you eat as a dessert! Try the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Butter Crunch by Ruth Hunt. 
Our beer cheese spread can be used as a snack food, appetizer, dessert
and in your favortie recipes or try our recipes! Trust us! It works!

We have created a way for you to order most of our Sweet and Savory
items at the checkout for an easier user experience to customize
your order or gift to friends and family.
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